The Platinum Series


Natural Diamond Salt
Pure salt, with the deep, natural flavor characteristic of Dead Sea salt. Salt 424’s leading product. A must on every table and
in every kitchen.


Platinum Golden Salt
A unique product that gives food an exotic taste with a royal touch. This salt is enriched with wafer-thin sheets of pure 24-karat gold, used in fine restaurants around the world.


Platinum Merlot Salt
Salt 424 soaked in Merlot wine. A special salt with an intoxicating, fruity flavor that turns any dish into a festive delicacy. A
special treat for those who love cooking with wine.


Platinum Smoked Salt
The deep flavor of Salt 424 from the Dead Sea together with a rich smoky taste will turn every kitchen into a delicatessen
and every dish into a delicacy.


Platinum Wildfire Salt
A combination of the deep, natural flavor of coarse salt from the Dead Sea and the bold taste of Mexican jalapeño chili peppers with hot green pepper added. For subtle or adventurous use in cooking and seasoning.


Platinum Black Salt
Black salt enriched with carbon, known as a soothing seasoning that aids in digestion. Carbon salt is used mainly to decorate various cooked dishes and savory pastries.