Australia’s first and only distributer of Salt 424, Not Just Salt exclusively brings you the world’s highest quality gourmet table salts, made with the natural qualities of the Dead Sea.

Salt 424 from the Dead Sea, has the richest mineral content of any salt in existence!

Salt from the Dead Sea contains 32 different minerals, 21 of which are uniquely concentrated in higher levels than any other. All of these are important to the body. Minerals like: magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium manganese and zinc.

Not only does Salt 424 have more minerals, it has these minerals 10 times the concentration found in refined table salts.

However, its not just the remarkably high concentration of minerals that makes Salt 424 unique. Its also that the presence of those minerals in the salt, limits the sodium chloride in each crystal.

Residents of the area learned to use the salt for their seasoning and cooking needs, and especially for preserving food, a very long time ago.

Salt is an ionic mineral compound that is essential for life. Its components, such as sodium chloride, play an important role in the human body—in the digestive system, the respiratory system, the nervous system, and in the regulation of fluids. Salt is as essential to the human body as water.

Salt 424 is also:

Kosher Certified

All natural

Naturally lower in sodium

Harvested using traditional, sustainable methods

Free from chemical processing, additives or refinements